TinyPilot KVM IP

An easy-to-use, low-cost device to manage your servers. You can support your HomeOffice users, or use it in data centers and server rooms.

With TinyPilot it's easy to physically separate your local VPN from your support net.

  • With TinyPilot you only need a modern browser to access the remote machines. No JAVA, just HTML
  • Runs with Windows, Mac OS, Linux, ...
  • Uses Open Source. Just have a look on your own according to security and actuality.
  • Blazingly fast. As if you were sitting directly at your machine.
  • Professional customer support.

No PoE? Than order TinyPilot Voyager V2a

Voyager 2a with PoE

The Voyager 2a now has PoE functionality. You can use TinyPilot with your PoE Equipment in your data center. This way you can save a power socket and do not have to take care of an extra cable.