TinyPilot Voyager comparison

First the good news: Voyager 1 (V1) and Voyager 2 (V2) use the same software, and (nearly) the same Hardware. So as Voyager 1 user you will benefit from all software updates as the Voyager 2 users. The reason is easy: The technical base is on both systems a Raspberry Pi4 that gets the video data from the same HDMI2CSV converter. So both, Voyager 1 and Voyager 2 have the same hardware in the major technical components.

But what is different? Voyager 1 uses an external power and data supply, while the power supply of the Voyager 2 is internal. This leads so a little bigger case for the Voyager 2, and some more cable organisation for the Voyager 1. But on the other hand, the Voyager 1 is more flexible with the cabeling in my opinion. So at the end, it depends on you, what you would prefer.

In Voyager 2 the USB-c, the audio, and two micro USB adapter are now internal, and cannot be used. But you never needed them for TinyPilot using as a KVM. But have a look on your own, what is different:


Voyager 1 uses the USB-C connector for data and power (if you use a longer cable, you are more flexible; you can buy a fitting one in our shop). All other needed connectors are on the same site (HDMI in and Network cable)

Voyager 2 HDMI, Data and power are on one side, and ...

... the network cable is plugged in on the opposite of the Voyager 2

Voyager 1 length (91mm)

Voyager 1 width (65mm)

Voyager 1 height (42mm with bumpers, 38mm without)

Voyager 2 length (91mm)

Voyager 2 width (91mm)

Voyager 2 height (52mm with bumpers, 48mm without)

Conclusion of TinyPilot Voyager comparison

Both products are technically very similar and the software will stay the same. So it is up to you, to decide. In both cases you'll get a great product and the same great support.

Voyager 2 is on stock!