Connecting to the TinyPilot with your browser

The first boot takes about 2:30 minutes. Alle next boots take about 30 sec. until you can reach the TinyPilot. You should be able to connect to the TinyPilot by putting this URL into your browser:

If you get a "502 Bad Gateway" error, than wait another couple of seconds and reload this browser window.

This is not an issue, it just shows, that TinyPilot is not fully started.

At your first start, you should see the following (on a firefox).

Altough you might not believe it: This is perfect-

See here: how you can fix such browser privacy errors for the future.

If this all worked out, you should see the remote computer, where TinyPilot is connected to.

Securing your TinyPilot Voyager

When you you sucsessfully installed your TinyPilot you secure your system. Go to System → Security

and follow the steps. As TinyPilot also provides a shell login, we strongly recommend changing the default password as well. You can find here in the faq how you can do that. If you have further questions, we are happy to assist you. Just write a mail to