KVM over IP

TinyPilot is a KVM over IP switch. This means that you can use remote computers with TinyPilot. The screen, keyboard and mouse are displayed over IP (e.g. in your VPN) on your standard browser. For this to work, all you need is TinyPilot Voyager as a KVM over IP system and an up-to-date browser. TinyPilot does not install any software on both the remote system and the system controlling the remote system. TinyPilot also relies on standards when it comes to video interfaces. A standard HDMI cable is all that is needed to connect to the remote machine and the screen content can be transmitted at 1080p (1920x1080). The keyboard and mouse on the remote system are connected via a USB port.

From then on, you can remotely control any computer over the Internet. TinyPilot KVM works on the remote side e.g. with Mac OS, Windows, Linux, Android, iPad, ..., as soon as an HDMI output comes out of the mentioned devices, and you can connect a USB connector to which a keyboard is recognized, then you can control the devices remotely with TinyPilot KVM as well.

But even if the devices don't provide an HDMI output or a USB port, you can make do with many of the available adapters.

Just have a look at our successful remote connections. We have tested all of them, and will also introduce you to the necessary extra hardware there.