TinyPilot Voyager 2 and 2a installation instructions

First make sure, that you got everything, and nothing is hiding in the box.

  • TinyPilot voyager, incl. Micro SD card
  • Power adapter (EU or UK) with USB-C connector OR USB charger (EU or UK) with additional USB-C cable
  • USB-C cable

First, please make sure, that the microSD card is in the TinyPilot. Make sure it is not missing or off center.

If the micro SD card is missing, please contact us.

Putting together the components

Please take the power adapter (or USB charger plus the USB cable) and the USB-C data cable.

Take the power USB-C cable and plug it into "POWER". Take the USB-C data cable and plug it into "DATA". They both should fit firmly, and you should notice a "klick", when they are connected correctly.

Take your HDMI cable (not included) and put it into the TinyPilot.

Use your network cable, and plug it into the TinyPilot.

Now you can connect the other end of the USB Data cable to your server and the HDMI cable also on your server. Also connect the network cable to your network. If this is all connected than pplug in the power.

If you put your ear close to the TinyPilot, you should be able to hear the fan quietly spinning, the LED next to the network cable should also start blinking and flashing to show that they get network traffic.